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Afghanistan’s Hidden Treasures

Limestone fountain spout. Gold necklace set with turquoise, garnet, and pyrite. Folding gold crown. Could be laid flat and packed in a saddlebag when the tribe moved from place to place. Omara Khan Massoudi knows how to keep a secret. Massoudi is director of the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul. Like the French citizens […]

East German Design

East German By Design: The ABCs of Communist Consumer Culture, Spiegel Online

Opinel Knife

The Opinel knife was invented by Joseph Opinel in about 1895. In 1565 King Charles IX of France had ordered every master knife-maker to place an emblem on his products to guarantee their origin and quality. Respecting this tradition, Joseph Opinel chose as his emblem “The Crowned Hand”. In 1985 Opinel was recognised as one […]